Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 10 Albums Of The Year - First 5

So here is my obligatory top 10 list. Here are the first 5 and I will put up the top 5 tomorrow. My top 10 movies will be on it's way soon.

#10. The Night Marchers: See You In Magic - A burst of good old high octane rock and roll. A few members of the best band of the last 10 years, the Hot Snakes, make up this San Diego rock outfit. Night Marchers sound like a less harsh version of Rocket From The Crypt, which makes sense since Speedo from Rocket From The Crypt is the singer\guitar player for this band. If you are familiar with either the Hot Snakes or RFTC then you have an idea of what this will sound like. If you don't know those bands then think greasy, gritty rock and roll with campy lyrics. What's not to like?

#9. Saviours: Into Abbadon - Thrash metal! Fuck yes. If you like galloping metal, mixed with a stoner rock groove, and don't mind a singer who sings in the same bark, drone type of yell, then you will love the Saviours latest opus Into Abbadon. The subject matter is your standard metal fair, destruction of the earth, evil beasts, drugs and whatnot, but when you are metal, what else is there to sing about? There is something about this record that really takes me back to the early, early Metallica days when they were awesome, but it isn't straight forward Metallica; it's as if Metallica also listened to a shitload of Black Sabbath. To top it off, these dudes slay live and are happen to be super nice gents to boot. I love this record, and if you like metal, then you should too. Bang your head!

#8. Earth: The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull - Earth's latest is definitely not something I can listen to on a constant basis, but when you are in the mood for super, super slow, western tinged drone, then it really doesn't get better than Earth. This latest offering gives the listener a huge soundscape to take in, with lots of interesting textures, set to a few repeating, reverb laden riffs. If you were ever to do lots of drugs and you just wanted to space out and stare at the wall while you sink into the carpet, then there is no other record to listen to during your trip. If you are looking for the huge, fuzzed out sounds of Earth's past records, then skip this. Everything on this record is shimmering clean, with a real Americana, gospel, old west feel. Guitars shimmer, organs blare, and the drums march slowly on. It is a really interesting record from a band that continues to redefine themselves in new, but slow ways.

#7. Everest: Ghost Notes - I had not heard about this band until recently, and since downloading Everest's first album, I can't stop listening. Made up of former members of Sebadoah and John Vanderslice, Everest play a classic rock\indie rock hybrid along the lines of Wilco mixed with some Neil Young; since Wilco and Neil Young are among my favorite artists, you can see why I would love Everest. The first half of the album is a nice mix of mellow rock songs, while the second half is a little more upbeat and reminds me of Crazy Horse. If you are a fan of good, mellow rock, then throw this one on and you will not be disappointed. I could really see my dad being into this, which is a good thing because my dad has awesome taste. In my mind I can see this being played on a good summer road trip. I can't wait to hear more from Everest.

Spiritualized: Songs In A & E - Jason Pierce has done it once again folks; here is yet another epic rock record, using the wall of sound to full effect, all the while retaining a haunting beauty. The description is a bit trite, but I feel it is pretty accurate. This is Spiritualized's first record in five years, and it yet again builds upon a solid back catalog. I would be so bold as to say this is their best record yet in a career filled with awesome records. Here you have gospel infused rock epics, with full orchestra backing, and tons of spaced out fuzz and reverb, yet there are some really subdued and beautiful tunes here. If you have never heard Spiritualized before, this is the perfect place to start. If you love rock, then you need to check this one out now.


Anonymous said...

EVEREST has really grown on me after your recommendation.

sounds like i need to check out EARTH and SAVIOURS.

Carmen said...

Where's the next 5, bitch?

grant said...

Wasup dude?
Spiritualized is up there in my all time bands, but i still don't like the new album. Actually bought it while I was in Denver.
There's 3 or 4 SPLZ songs on there (and 1 or 2 might as well be from BLUR 13) the rest is whatever. Saw him/them during the acustic manlines deal and it was good, but I kept waiting for the other half of the head phones to kick in. The A&E album doesn't flow like Pure Phase and each real songs seams to end abrubtly.
Anyway's, I'll check out the rest of the stuff I haven't heard, miss you guys!